Working in digital marketing, comparing numbers over time, is as in most business’, crucial for reporting and understanding how well we perform over time. This is why a dashboard that can tell the story over time is powerful.

Why Compare at all?

The reason why we compare values is to create a context for the numbers, we are presenting. The context gives us a reference point to which we can value the numbers. See, okay it is a lot higher than yesterday, where else, we wouldn’t know if the numbers are good or not. This is why we create a comparison value.

The obstacle

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This was originally written as paper on my master's degree in Digital Innovation and Management.

The components of Bitcoin (Blockchain 1.0)

To understand how blockchain works, let us first look at how bitcoin works through an example of a simple transaction.

A simple transaction

A wants to transfer money to B. The transaction is represented online as part of a ‘block’. The block is then shared with every node in the distributed network. Nodes (Miners) in the network then approve the transaction, and the block can have access to the chain, alongside with the rest of the transactions, which provides an irreversible and transparent record of transactions. The money…

Better Conversations, you say?

Meeting new people and talking to strangers can be difficult! What should we talk about? What could I say to make myself interesting?

That question is fairly easy. Let there person you are having a conversation do the talking. You may ask how can not talking make me more interesting? The answer is quite simple. People want to share, and we tend to cut people off because we want to be the one controlling the conversation. That fact of the matter is, there is a much better way of doing that. Listen, Respond and ask questions. …

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What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a view of carefully selected information. In cars, it is a visualization of our speed, the oil and fuel level, and other important information to steer the vehicle. Of course, in newer cars, we might have a lot more information on the dashboard.

Why do we use dashboards? There are several reasons, which we can boil down to three points:

  1. We want to see the big picture.
  2. We want to focus on specific metrics or pieces of information that are important to our business.
  3. We want to be able to deep dive into the information so that…

So, one of the biggest hurdles I have experienced when working in Power BI with Marketing Dashboards is the Date Table that translates all sources into being the same date. I have searched quite a bit for this, however, I stumbled upon this recently.

That basically means that if you import several different data sources — let’s just say Google Analytics Data from Big Query and then later Email data from an API connection — you won’t be able to slice on the date, unless you create a one for both. That is why I used the data slicer, to…

Try to picture that you are attending a presentation. The presenter is generally good at conveying the message to the audience, however, the slides are not structured and what should be a visual aid to communicate a certain message, is lost or at least not as strong as it could be. That is often the case when we are to present data through dashboards. We do as we are told and use the right graphs in the right places, but when we are looking at the big picture our minds are not really resting, and we are using the majority…

Your Key Results have to be SMART

We know that we are more likely to do something if it is set as a goal. So when we are creating our OKR we can use the SMART method to make sure what we set out to do is not impossible!

When creating and setting goals a way to go about is to use the SMART method. To use this method we need to unfolding the acronym and take our Key Result and go through each letter:


Your Key Result has to be specific. That means straight to the point. Be concise. A specific Key Result cannot be misunderstood.


Regardless of you spend 5 or 30 minutes, a little preparation for each sitting can be a good idea. The six-step preparation is mentioned in: The Mind Illuminated. If this name is unknown to you, then do yourself a favor and pick up! This book is a very elaborate guide to meditation, and regardless if you are a beginner, or have practiced meditation for years there are for sure learnings in this book.

If we think of meditation as a means to get more aware or even mindfull, then this is a meta exercise; being mindfull about your mindfulness. …

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Update on my practice

As mentioned in my earlier post, I am constantly trying to improve my meditation sessions. That said, I have since put time each morning to get a 5–10 minutes session, which happened to be a really great morning routine. Normally my practice consisted of the time I had alone in the apartment before my better half would arrive home from work. However, now I have approximately two sessions each day.

So in total my routine is:

2 x 10 breaths x (four rounds or stages)

5 x 10 breaths (one round)

5 x 10 breaths x (four rounds or stages)

What happened since the last update

In my previous…

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Seeing Meditation in a new light

As I am reading the book Practical Zen: Meditation and Beyond by Julian Daizan Skinner, I stumbled upon a new way of meditation. I originally bought the book to get a more comprehensive approach to meditate. The book has literally been collecting dust, while I got through the most comprehensive guide on meditation I have come across, The Mind Illuminated. So as you might have guessed I am trying to get a bit wiser on where to look, and get inspiration from as many places I can get. This time, it landed on the meditation practices of Zen Buddhism.


Rasmus Bøgelund Christiansen

Digital Marketing Consultant from Copenhagen. Geek, speaker and writer on subjects as: - DataViz & PowerBI, self-improvement and meditation.

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